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Running a business is challenging and ever-changing.  MNB Law Group's business attorneys focus their practice on business advising and representing professionals in large industries and niche business markets.  From business startup to contract development to risk assessment, MNB provides comprehensive guidance to ensure our clients' businesses enterprises are successful and run like well-oiled machines.

Our attorneys at MNB provide service to small businesses, partnerships, individuals, and multi-national corporations and business owners, helping them with employment contracts, termination agreements, indemnity clauses, materials and labor agreements with customers, independent contractor agreements, confidentiality agreements, non-compete agreements, and compensation packages.

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The Importance of Consulting with Counsel When Running Your Business

There are many legal nuances that arise when running a business.  The legal field is constantly changing and knowing about and adapting to those changes is not always easy for business owners.  Additionally, many business owners started without legal help and hold onto the belief they can continue operating without legal help or by using do-it-yourself templates and information available to them on the internet.  It is not until it is too late that many business owners, especially small business owners, realize the benefit and importance of consulting with experienced knowledgeable counsel and implementing the changes necessary to keep their businesses operating efficiently and profitably with the proper legal insulations available.

As an example, many business owners rely on form non-compete agreements found on the internet to have their employees sign, believing that this will protect them and give them leverage over the employees upon termination of employment.  Unfortunately, non-compete agreements are typically not favored under California law and both the employer and employee need to know where they stand concerning such agreements.  Properly crafted non-compete agreements that restrict employee mobility and participation in the industry can protect a business and remain enforceable; you will not get that from an internet template.

Engaging qualified counsel to explain and help you understand how the law applies to your business and to achieve your goals and having that counsel create appropriately worded and structured agreements is always the best option.  MNB's devoted business attorneys are ready to help you understand the laws affecting your business and help you ensure your business is taking full advantage of the protections afforded it under California's laws.

MNB offers business advisory services in the following areas:

  • Formation: It is important for business owners to understand the types of business entities available to them when starting a business or choosing to move from a sole proprietorship to an entity form.  MNB's attorneys use their business experience, knowledge of the law, and your unique circumstances to assist you in making the most promising and beneficial entity formation decision.  Even better, MNB does the paperwork necessary to set up your new business and ensure it is authorized to conduct business in California.
  • Contracts: MNB assists businesses with day-to-day matters such as negotiating, drafting, and reviewing business contracts and agreements to protect your business and its assets.  This includes employment contract, independent contractor agreements, materials sales contracts, labor and installation contracts, purchase agreements, leases, services agreements, and most other types of contracts encountered by business during the course of their operation.
  • Litigation: Our business attorneys are experienced and committed to representing your business in litigation, whether in the courtroom, mediation, arbitration, or negotiation of business agreements.  If you or your business is involved in a business dispute, the future of your company depends on the outcome of your case.  MNB's attorneys are committed to protecting your business and your financial interests in the litigation arena.

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Our firm has the skill and knowledge, both legal and business, to safeguard your business and financial interests based on the prevailing standards of your industry.  Let MNB help you through the toughest times you may face when legal issues arise and help you look to avoid future problems preemptively by analyzing your businesses' needs and crafting specific, custom-tailored solutions that will keep your business operating efficiently and compliantly.

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