Child Custody And Visitation


At MNB Law Group, our Los Angeles attorneys help our clients work out legal and physical child custody arrangements that maintain strong relationships and bonds with their children.  California's child custody laws require the courts to make orders based on the child's best interest, and our attorneys excel at presenting the strongest possible case for the client, so that the court sees and hears the real picture and has the information necessary to make the best decision for the client's child or children.

As your representative, our attorneys will help you work out a parenting plan that will protect your parental rights.  MNB's attorneys have more than three decades of combined experience, and have worked with many experts and highly qualified professionals in the child custody arena, giving our clients an even greater advantage.

The best child custody attorney is the one that puts the needs of you first, and at MNB Law Group that’s exactly what we do, because we know that your needs and goals are focused on the best interest of your child.  Through our fresh approach and perspective and diligent and tireless efforts, we protect your child from being drawn into the conflict that unfortunately sometimes accompanies child custody cases.  Your child custody attorney at MNB will help you reach sound decisions that safeguard the future of your child and your relationship with them, whether you are in Los Angeles, Ventura, Orange County, or any of California's other amazing cities and counties.

At MNB we understand that when it comes to a child custody case, it can be difficult to move beyond the emotions and find resolution.  That is why our child custody attorneys will listen to you and make sure to understand your priorities and concerns about your child.  With our experience, empathy, expertise, and encouragement, we are highly successful in advocating our clients’ desires whether to opposing counsel, the other parent, or the court.

In addition to the child custody and visitation services and issues discussed below, MNB provides services involving:

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Obtaining Emergency Child Custody Orders

If your child is in danger, you need an attorney ready to do more than simply offer advice.  MNB understands the longer you delay the greater your anxiety and worry, but also that you may be fearful that unless you are successful it may make matters worse for your child.  It is this understanding of what parents go through when they suspect abuse or other harmful activity around or to their children that allows MNB's attorneys to move swiftly and appropriately to protect your child.

While California law places children's safety above all else, it can be difficult to know what approach is best when an emergency involving your child's well-being and a parent with lawful custody or visitation rights arises.  MNB, a Los Angeles family law firm, is a resource for people from all cultures and backgrounds with emergency needs involving the protection of children.  We have the resources to explore the situation, begin constructing your case and drafting the necessary paperwork, and get into court - often by the next morning, if not sooner.

We have extensive experience obtaining emergency abducted child location and recovery orders, child custody orders, protective orders, and modifications of custody and visitation orders based on evidence of:

  • Kidnapping of a client's minor children from out-of-state and bringing the children to California
  • Physical abuse or other forms of domestic violence perpetrated against or in front of the client's minor child
  • A parent's or third party's threat or discovered plan to unlawfully leave California with a client's minor child
  • Drug or other illegal activity in the presence of the client's minor child
  • Sexual abuse of a client's or a third party's minor child

Let Our Family Law Lawyers Protect Your Parental Rights

As family law attorneys, we always keep in mind our goal of helping our client maintain the strongest possible relationship with his or her child.  MNB understands that each family and their circumstances are different, so our attorneys focus on the real life situation the client and child are facing and construct custom-tailored custody and visitation agreements and options that maximize the client's custodial time while limiting the potential negative impact on the child.  We can discuss the various parenting plan options that are available to you and that best suit the needs of you and your child.

There are many reasons that a parent might seek to establish or modify a custody plan:

  • Poor school performance
  • Remarriage
  • The birth of more children
  • The loss of other children
  • Military Deployment
  • Changes in the child's lifestyle based on age (i.e., work, extracurricular activities, etc.) or the child's preference
  • Recently learning about the child

The attorneys at MNB see these issues arise frequently and can help guide you through these situations.

If you need a Re-Entry or Step-Up Visitation Plan - Call MNB Today!

When a parent has missed visitation over a long period of the child's life, whether by choice or not, an abrupt start or resuming of visitation may be difficult and unsafe for the child, both emotionally and psychologically.  MNB has helped parents create and institute step-up and re-entry visitation and custody plans that protect the emotional welfare of the children, while allowing the child and parent to begin to grow the bond that is so important for them to have.  The plans MNB has created and put in motion have included:

  • Required counseling for both the child and the parent, in addition to conjoint counseling
  • Professionally monitored visitation
  • Restrictions on location of visitation, driving the child, and attendees of the visits
  • Custodial schedules that, if beneficial and safe for the child, gradually increase the length of custodial time

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Whether you are seeking to establish a custodial plan or modify an existing parenting schedule it is essential to consult with an experienced family law attorney whether you are in Los Angeles, Ventura, Orange County, or anywhere else in California.  At MNB, we can help you the orders needed for your family's specific circumstances.  We have the skills and experience needed to create custom solutions and court orders that will work with your family's reality.

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