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The Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) (known in other counties as Child Protective Services (CPS)), has the unenviable task of investigating allegations of child abuse and neglect and thereafter taking the steps they believe to be necessary to protect the child from further harm.  The social workers working for DCFS/CPS are overworked, underpaid, and sometimes they can be jaded.  The workers at DCFS/CPS have heard it all from the mouths of parents and sometimes they find it difficult to be able to believe what a parent or family member is telling them, even when it is the truth.  When that happens, reputations get damaged, and worse families and the children DCFS/CPS is supposed to be protecting suffer.

If you have been contacted by DCFS/CPS so they can interview you or your child, it is vital that you take the steps necessary to protect yourself and your family.  At MNB our policy is that no parent should talk to DCFS/CPS without an attorney present or at least first having consulted with an attorney to receive an explanation of the process, what questions to answer, how to present your answers, and what offers you can and should refuse and accept from DCFS/CPS.

When you are contacted by DCFS/CPS as part of an investigation involving you or your children, you must keep in mind that your family, your parental rights, and your future are at risk.  While your intentions may be noble and you know (or think) you have not done anything wrong, so what is the harm in speaking with the social worker, right? WRONG!

Time and again, MNB sees good people end up in nightmare situations because what they said or how they spoke to the social worker interviewing them was misunderstood, memorialized incorrectly, not said as the social worker wanted or expected, or because the emotions of the situation led to tones of voice to which the social worker took offense.  There have also been situations where our attorneys have seen combinations of these issues arise.

When involved in a situation that involves the potential loss of parental rights, it is critical that you have the representation of an attorney who understands how DCFS/CPS works, understands the psychological and emotional components involved, and who understands what social workers are looking and listening for during their interviews.  You can find those attorneys at MNB.

Our legal team understands how much damage the DCFS can do to your family and personal reputation when they are conducting an investigation and things go awry. We can help ensure that your best interests and your children's best interests are protected when you are dealing with the DCFS. We rely on over 30 years of experience to offer our clients the exceptional representation and protection they deserve. Part of that experience is knowing when to bring in experts to bolster your position. We have worked with numerous experts over the years and we understand who to bring in to be the most help to you and your individual situation.

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