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At MNB we recognize that not all parents, grandparents, or other family members have the financial ability to retain private counsel in their dependency court case; however, we also know that court-appointed parent's attorneys are overworked and have hundreds of cases to deal with and that they cannot give each case the attention and time their client's deserve.

For those reasons, MNB offers Dependency Advisory Services to parents and other family members engaged in juvenile dependency court cases and DCFS/CPS investigations.  MNB's experienced attorneys help guide you through the dependency process in a reassuring and informative manner.  Our attorneys inform clients of their rights and responsibilities and the applicable legal and functional procedures so they can understand what options are available to them and their children and how to best maximize their possibility of achieving the outcome they desire for their case - usually that means reunifying with the minor child.

MNB's attorneys will consult with you and advise you through each step of the dependency process.  We work with you on how to speak to the social workers, how to speak about your children, how to speak about the other parent, what documents to present to the social workers and your court-appointed attorney, what to do and not do during the observations of interactions between you and your child or children, how to approach in-home visits by the social worker, help you stay on top of your reunification requirements, and help you identify and create a plan to organize the information and supporting evidence to present to your attorney to help with your case.

Our attorneys will also help you focus your attention to the most important aspects of your dependency court case.  As part of our advisory services, MNB's attorneys help you navigate the parenting issues that arise during a dependency court case.  Whether it be "what discipline is appropriate?", "What if my child does not want to meet visit with the other parent?", "What if my child does not want to visit with me?", "My child is afraid to tell the truth to the social worker," there is always a positive, productive solution, and MNB's attorneys help develop a plan and provide the information and advice you need to resolve the issues that arise and to help you navigate the obstacles that often arise with parenting while a dependency court case is pending.

With effective legal advice and guidance, you can level the playing field and protect your family and your rights.  It is imperative that you take action and ensure you are putting yourself in the best possible position to be successful and meet the court's expectations and requirements.

We offer flat-fee and hourly fee options and will to create an advisory services plan that fits within your budget so that you can get the assistance and attention you need and deserve during your dependency court case.

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