The dissolving of a marriage (commonly referred to as "divorce") is probably the most emotionally challenging process a person will experience beyond the death of a parent, child, or other loved one.  At MNB Law Group, we understand our clients are going through the most emotionally trying time of their lives, and we tailor our services to meet the needs and circumstances of each client.  If you would like to talk with an attorney at our firm, sincere concern for your welfare and your circumstances is what you can expect to receive.

The dissolution process involves restructuring the financial, social, legal, and familial relationships between you and your spouse.  You can be confident that our Los Angeles divorce attorneys will remain focused on your best interests and the welfare of you and your family.  If reconciliation is an option, we will help you explore that opportunity; however, if there is no possibility of salvaging the marriage, we will guide you through the dissolution process.

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For over 35 years combined, our attorneys have provided families and individuals in Southern California with responsible and responsive legal representation together with genuine concern for their well-being.  Our experience and understanding regarding the dissolution process and California's laws affecting the same is invaluable to our clients.  We help our clients build strong cases and case plans, and when necessary we work with experts in the accompanying fields to ensure our clients are put in a position to achieve the results they desire and deserve.

In addition to Contested Dissolutions, we also accept and handle family law cases of similar types, including:

  • Legal separation
  • Marital (or Post-Marital) agreements
  • Annulments
  • Premarital agreements
  • Post-Separation agreements (including Uncontested Dissolutions)

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In an uncontested dissolution, the spouses agree upon the need to dissolve the marriage, how to split the assets and debts, and on the terms of child custody, spousal support, child support, and other issues related to their marriage.  Even when everything is agreed upon, it is important to know your rights and to understand the proper procedure and steps to take to successfully dissolve your marriage.  MNB can help you:

  • Draft the agreement to make sure it satisfies all of the court's requirements;
  • Review your terms to ensure you have covered all the necessary points and issues and that you understand the consequences of the terms;
  • Negotiate/Settle any terms that are not agreed on; and
  • Finalize the dissolution on your behalf.

In a contested divorce, the couple does not initially agree on the terms of the divorce.  There may be obstacles, such as domestic violence restraining orders, child custody issues, business valuation, hidden assets, or other issues that need to be resolved.  Complex negotiations may be required in order to reach a resolution, and in extreme cases, a decision may only be reached through a court trial.

Our team of attorneys work closely with you to find the most suitable solution for your situation, because we understand that all situations are unique.  During the process, our attorneys focus on the protection of your financial and other interests, including your right to appropriate child custody and visitation orders for your child.

Our attorneys are familiar with all dissolution-related issues.  Here are some examples the areas of understanding our attorneys offer:

  • Common emotional stages of a divorce. We can offer valuable and useful tips on life after divorce.
  • Experience in high-asset divorces, divorce for professionals and self-employed individuals, and divorces involving complexities such as real estate concerns, business assets in need of valuation, and the unwinding of substantial trusts and asset protection plans, all in preparation of asset division.
  • If you and your spouse have children, the particulars of child custody, legal and physical, including move-away situations and cases with interstate or international custody
  • How to obtain and react to the court's custody orders, when to seek modification, and what to do once the orders are modified.
  • If you are your spouse have children, the determination and enforcement of child support, child support add-ons, and other issues related to the support of your child.
  • Division of property and debts (community and separate) and transfers of real and personal property.
  • The effect of your divorce on your rights to Social Security, your former spouse's retirement or pension, and setting up an estate plan to protect the assets awarded to you.

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MNB uses their comprehensive knowledge of divorce to serve the residents of Los Angeles County, Ventura County, Orange County, and the surrounding Southern California counties with quality family law representation.  MNB's attorneys intensely prepare for each case, keep the lines of communication open, and are sensitive to our client's emotional and budgetary situation.

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