Domestic Violence Restrianing Orders

Representing Clients in Domestic Violence Matters in Los Angeles and the rest of Southern California

The dedicated attorneys at MNB Law Group in Woodland Hills, are committed to taking care of our clients and their families.  We have more than 35 years of combined experience in handling cases involving domestic violence and abuse.

At MNB we understand that domestic violence is as serious a matter as our clients will deal with and our attorneys are prepared to take immediate action to protect you and your family.  MNB's attorneys have been successful in prosecuting requests for Domestic Violence Restraining Orders (DVRO) and in defending against baseless claims when parties attempt to use the request for a DVRO to gain an advantage in dissolution or child custody proceedings.

If someone has made accusations that you have committed acts of domestic violence or if a member of your family is being abused, it is extremely important that you seek help immediately from the knowledgeable and experienced attorneys at MNB.  We will be your advocates and keep you and your family protected.

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The attorneys at MNB handle cases ranging from physical abuse to verbal or emotional abuse.  While it can be more difficult to obtain a Temporary or Long-Term DVRO based on verbal or emotional abuse, it is not impossible.  At MNB, our attorneys understand that verbal and emotional abuse is based on control, fear, and power.  This abuse takes many forms and must be presented to the court with the necessary and appropriate language to communicate the actual circumstances and the severity and impact of the abuse.

The courts understand that children witnessing physical, verbal, or  emotional abuse against their parent or sibling are not only affected by the actions occurring to their family member, but are also being abused just by seeing and hearing the abuse of their family member.

It is important to discuss your situation with MNB's domestic violence attorneys as soon as you realize you or a family member have a problem.  Our attorneys will handle your domestic violence matter in a personal, effective manner so you and your loved ones are fully protected.

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We Can Help You Fight False Charges of Domestic Violence in Los Angeles and Southern California

MNB's attorneys have been protecting parents and their children in Los Angeles and Southern California for over 35 combined years.  MNB represents, and has represented, wives, fathers, husbands, mothers, and other family members who have had false accusations of domestic violence made against them.

If you have been falsely accused of domestic violence, whether the charge involves physical, emotional, sexual, or verbal abuse, it must be handled cautiously or the effects may be permanent for you.  False accusations of domestic violence can lead to:

  • Losing your parental or custodial rights and time with your child
  • Jail or prison
  • Prohibition from employment in many fields including Nursing, Government Jobs, and Child Care
  • Termination of your right to, or a presumption against you receiving, spousal support and attorney fees
  • Registration of your name in the California Law Enforcement Tracking System (CLETS), meaning a permanent record for life

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