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If you are a parent whose children have been taken by either the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) or Child Protective Services (CPS) - as it is referred to in other Southern California counties- or if you are under investigation by DCFS/CPS, action must be taken to assure you have the representation you need and deserve to protect your parental rights, your child, and your family.  The attorneys at MNB Law Group have been representing parents in Dependency Court for over a decade and will take the steps and make the arguments necessary to protect you and your parental rights.

If you are accused of child abuse or child neglect, you deserve representation by attorneys who have the time and resources to properly represent you and your interests, and who are representing you because they want to help and fight for you, and are not just acting as your attorney because the court appointed them and is making them do so.

The impact of allegations of child abuse can be devastating.  Most often, the allegations are false.  Sometimes, even if the parent took actions that might be considered abuse, the parent had no actual intent to harm the child, or was simply mimicking the punishment he or she received as a child, believing it to be acceptable under California's laws.  This makes it all the more critical that you secure the representation of counsel who know what to do and how to deal with DCFS/CPS and the dependency court system, attorneys, and judges charged with investigating and maing arguments and decisions about the allegations raised.

Many court-appointed parents and minors' attorneys, county counsel, and dependency judges dislike private counsel or have a bias against the parent hiring private counsel; but not when an MNB attorney is representing you.  MNB's Los Angeles based attorneys have been providing outstanding representation to persons dealing with allegations of abuse for over a decade and will provide the same representation for you or your accused family member.  Our primary dependency attorney, Evan L. Bardo, is respected in the dependency courts and within the legal community for the superior advocacy and professionalism he both delivers to and for our clients and exhibits to the attorneys and judges in the dependency courtrooms.  All of our attorneys have developed and honed the skills Mr. Bardo has become known for in the dependency arena; namely, to forcefully defend our clients while maintaining the level of respect and professional conduct appreciated by and needed to successfully and seamlessly integrate into the juvenile dependency court process.

If you are a parent facing allegations of abuse or neglect, immediate action is needed and our firm's compassionate, considerate, and dependable services are ready to be put to use in your case.  MNB's attorneys will do everything we can (within the bounds of law, of course) to help you secure the most favorable outcome possible and help protect your parental rights, your name, and your family. You don't have to face the dependency process alone or with a court-appointed attorney (which usually feels like facing it alone anyway).

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Evan if you have not been found to have committed child abuse or neglect by a dependency court judge, if a social worker unilaterally substantiates an allegation of abuse or neglect against you (even without you having a day in court) and then closes the referral, your name can be registered in California's Child Abuse Central Index (CACI).  You will receive notice from DCFS/CPS in the mail that your name will be registered in the CACI and you have only a short time after receiving the notice of intended registration to object to the registration and to demand the documents regarding your case and a hearing.

Registration in CACI can have significant consequences for you and your family.  A CACI registration that states an allegation of child abuse or child neglect was found true by a DCFS/CPS Social Worker can keep you from being eligible for employment in many fields, including: Nursing, Teaching, Childcare, Military, Law Enforcement, and other fields where you may have interactions with children (i.e., school support staff, etc).  Located in Woodland Hills, California (just minutes from the Chatsworth DCFS offices), MNB Law Group can help you through the CACI Hearing process to challenge your registration and clear your name.

At the hearing, you will need to present evidence as to why you should not be registered in the CACI.  It is not enough to say you did not do what the social worker says.  You must show and explain to the hearing officer why the actions you are alleged to have taken do not fall within the legal definition of either physical abuse, emotional abuse, or neglect.  You are entitled to present evidence, witness testimony, and expert opinion, just like you would in a court case.  To do so effectively, you should have an attorney representing your interests, and MNB's attorneys can and will fight to protect your name and reputation.

If you have discovered that your name appears in California's Child Abuse Central Index (CACI) or if you have received notice that your name is going to be registered in California's CACI, you need to take action to refute those allegations.

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