Premarital Agreements (Prenups)

A Sensible Approach to Marriage

Marriage is a powerful economic and legal relationship. MNB Law Group's attorneys help clients establish peace of mind and thoughtful planning through pre- and post- marital agreements.

The process of crafting a pre- or post - marital agreement important for financial planning, money management, and family asset protection that can provide benefits to both members of a marriage beyond just the economic circumstances with which it deals.  Our attorneys have handled the drafting and negotiation of pre- and post- marital agreements for people at the dawn of their careers, those who are already financially secure, and for those persons entering into their second or third marriage or domestic partnership.

Do I need a Premarital Agreement?

A premarital agreement is only effective if the court upholds its validity.  This is why there are serious risks involved in drafting a DIY (do-it-yourself) premarital agreement, using a template from a website, or having your it drawn up by an inexperienced attorney.  MNB's Los Angeles attorneys offer an exceptional level of experience in drafting and reviewing prenuptial agreements for California residents.

Disagreements and misunderstandings regarding money are a leading cause of marital struggles, and ultimately, dissolution of the marriage.  Working through and identifying basic topics of financial responsibility before you marry, can help you and your future spouse set your focus on the other, more exciting aspects of your relationship.

Premarital agreements are also helpful in the following ways:

  • To preserve your estate for loved ones, including children and grandchildren.
  • Providing protection for the separate property you or your spouse is bringing into the marriage, especially if the both of you are bringing in significantly different personal estates or incomes;
  • To provide business partners with the control necessary to manage the business in the event of you or your spouse's disability or demise;
  • Establishing the agreed upon value of the contribution being made by a spouse who is the non-earning spouse or who is providing labor for, and making contributions to, the other spouse's pre-marital business;
  • Establishing limits and guidelines regarding the duration, amount, or both, of spousal support.


Am I Too Late To Get a Premarital Agreement Drafted and Signed?

In California, there must be at least seven (7) days between presentation of the Premarital agreement to the parties executing and the marriage.  That being said, we at MNB recommend drafting, presenting, and negotiating your prenuptial agreement as far in advance of your wedding as possible.  This allows more time to agree upon the terms and is likely to be seen by a court has fair and not one forced upon the other spouse.  Whether you are one-year, one-month, or just over one-week away from your wedding, if you are negotiating and entering a premarital agreement it is crucial that you work with experienced legal counsel, like the attorneys at MNB.

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Your Representation is Vital to Successfully Attacking or Defending Your Pre- or Post- Marital Agreement

If you are facing dissolution in the Los Angeles, Ventura, or Orange County area and have concerns related to a pre- or post- marital agreement, your legal representative might make all the difference in your success.

Seeking advice from MNB's attorneys may be of utmost importance if you or your spouse have high-net-worth, a "do-it-yourself" pre- or post- marital agreement, or one that was drafted five or more years ago.  Assumptions about your agreement and its enforceability can be hazardous if you are facing the possibility of an intensely contested dissolution and challenge to your agreement.

Our clients know that they can depend on our attorneys to analyze every aspect of your pre- or post - marital agreement in light of their specific goals and concerns and with the attention to detail necessary in these cases.  We defend their financial interests, and we will defend yours.

Pre- and post- marital agreements vary drastically based on their terms, original purpose, who originally drafted them, and an array of other factors.  MNB will analyze all aspects of any pre- or post- marital agreement, and advise you on our opinion as to the likelihood of success in attacking, challenging, disputing, repudiating, nullifying, or setting aside the agreement either in its entirety or as to specific clauses and stipulations that are most harmful to you or your spouse.

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