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Business Formation Attorney

MNB Law Group, Inc. is a preeminent Woodland Hills law firm with more than 35 years of combined legal experience. We guide clients in Southern California through the process of forming a business entity and thereafter provide legal support services even before the first day of business.

Whether you are forming an LLC, Partnership, or Corporation, or you want to protect your currently operating business, MNB can and will provide the legal representation you need.


Choosing the correct business entity is essential to running your business effectively and protecting yourself from personal liability. MNB will help you determine which entity formation is your best choice, depending on your license requirements, expected duration in operation, business or entity purpose, management style, and other relevant factors. The options for your business entity are

  • Limited Liability Company (LLC)
  • Corporation
  • Partnership – General or Limited
  • Joint Venture

If you are already engaged in business operations, your current entity may not provide you the protections and insulation you need and desire. MNB can help you with reorganizing your business structure and moving your business forward with the appropriate entity type for you.

Protecting yourself and your business requires many be done, and they must be done properly. From employee contracts to properly managing and maintaining your corporate records, running a business requires the focused determination and attention to detail that MNB’s business formation attorneys provide to all of our clients. Those same qualities are maintained by MNB after selection of your business entity form, when our Woodland Hills business formation attorneys are drafting the documents you need to set up your new business, ensure it is authorized to conduct business in California, and begin operations promptly.


If you are starting a business in California, it is always beneficial to discuss your business plan with an attorney. New business owners typically benefit greatly from having a skilled, experienced, dedicated, and knowledgeable business attorney review contracts, business formation documents, and other important details. MNB has those attorneys ready to advise and assist you in the formation of your new business to ensure you begin operations smoothly and keep them running that way well into the future.