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Business Litigation Attorney

When litigation becomes necessary, the attorneys at MNB Law Group are prepared to represent your business and protect your financial and business interests and goals. While we at MNB understand that straightforward, sensible resolutions are preferable to long, protracted legal battles, sometimes litigation is simply unavoidable. Our Woodland Hills litigation attorneys have over 35 combined years of experience caring for, protecting, and advancing clients’ goals and share their clients’ concerns for the bottom line and ongoing wellbeing of their businesses.

MNB has represented clients successfully in a variety of business law litigation cases, including:

  • Disputes over employment contracts, confidentiality agreements, and non-compete agreements
  • Independent contractor contract disputes
  • Business contract disputes
  • Intentional interference with contract
  • Construction law disputes, representing consumers and licensed contractors alike
  • Real estate disputes, including Breach of Lease and Release of Mechanic’s Liens
  • Collection matters
  • Breach of Contract cases

MNB’s skilled and experienced litigation attorneys will guide you through business disputes and other commercial litigation, helping you stay informed about your rights and responsibilities and protecting your business and financial future.

In addition to helping you resolve litigation matters, MNB is available to represent you regarding other legal issues that may arise both in your business and in your personal life. Our attorneys are available to provide you, your employees, and your family members with family law, estate planning, and probate matters should they arise.

MNB’s business litigation lawyers take a personal and direct approach to every case and keep our clients informed at every stage of the legal process and our representation of them.


Contracts provide the foundation of business, employment, and the service industry. Failure to perform the agreed upon terms and conditions of a contract may be a breach and warrant legal action. Whether you are a an individual, independent contractor, licensed construction company, retail business, employer, vineyard, commercial real estate owner, material supplier, or the like, our attorneys have successfully represented businesses in industries and fields and can do the same for you.

Every case is different, and that is why MNB’s lawyers conduct a thorough review and investigation of all the facts and circumstances they can obtain from the client and the information accessible to us from outside sources, to carefully analyze the terms and conditions of the contract, whether a term is enforceable, whether legal action is likely to be settled without the need for litigation, and whether the ability to recover attorney fees exists for the successful party should litigation be necessary.

MNB’s attorneys are effective litigators and negotiators focused on obtaining economical and effective resolution of breach of contract disputes; ultimately saving clients money and time away from maintaining and growing their business.

We offer aggressive trial representation in commercial litigation involving all forms of breach of contract claims, such as those involving:

  • Partnership or LLC agreement disputes
  • Disputes regarding Agreements for the Purchase and Sale of Goods
  • Failure to pay for products or services rendered
  • Delayed or failed performance
  • Lease agreements
  • Non-compete agreement disputes
  • Employment contract disputes
  • Other breach of contract disputes

Our litigation attorneys have 35+ years of combined legal experience in business and commercial litigation and are happy to help clients involved in a breach of contract dispute. Whatever the phase of the claim – pre-claim demands, mediation, arbitration, trial, negotiations – MNB is available to represent your business and is committed to the notion that as your counsel we owe your business dynamic representation focused on mutual trust, attention to detail, and open communication.


A sensible approach must be taken to all business disputes. We understand that keeping your business operational, profitable, and thriving is of utmost importance and is really the legal war that needs to be won. Our attorneys produce and file pleadings, motions, complaints, and discovery essential to wage a focused and dogged battle in defense and support of our clients’ interests. MNB’s lawyers are capable litigators who persuasively present evidence and well-thought-out argument in our clients’ favor.

This is the reason that MNB has a history of successfully resolving highly charged business disputes without giving in, but also without breaking the bank for its clients. It is also the reason our clients continue to use our services when their litigation needs arise and why they refer their colleagues and other business owners to our firm.