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Contract Negotiations Services

Entering into or renewing a contract can be one of the most important decisions a business or individual ever makes. In addition to monetary terms, there are many things to consider depending on the circumstances for which the contract is being entered. Many important issues can be in the “fine print” or stated in terms that are designed to confuse or deceive you. Making sure you are receiving and agreeing to the terms you want, need, and believe make up the agreement is essential. MNB provides the following contract negotiation services:

  • Advising you on contract terms and provisions to make sure you understand the agreement
  • Identifying the key matters/topics within the clauses such as non-disclosure, trade secret protections, non-compete provisions, confidentiality requirements, guarantee obligations, financial requirements and restrictions, etc.
  • Explaining enforceability hurdles and obstacles under California law (or federal law, if applicable)
  • Revising or reframing key provisions and language presented by the other side
  • Proposing the addition or deletion of terms that maximize the value for you and your interests

If you have already entered into a contract or are seeking a renewal of an existing contract, MNB Law Group can also assist you as follows:

  • Identifying your options by reviewing all of the facts and documents provided by you and available from third parties
  • Help you understand your legal rights by interpreting the contract documents in light of a detailed examination of the circumstances and facts
  • Determine your obligations and responsibilities and the obligations owed to you
  • Create a strategy for seeking a revision or renegotiation of the agreement