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Child Custody Move Away Cases

It can be difficult and challenging for all involved when one parent, especially a custodial parent, is planning to move out of his or her current county or outside of California. MNB helps clients protect their families and their rights during move-away proceedings. Whether you are concerned about the impact of the move by your child’s other parent or you are a custodial parent that wishes to relocate outside of your current county (Los Angeles, Ventura, Orange, etc.) or California, MNB can help. The process has specific requirements and steps, so you should not delay in discussing your concerns and issues with our attorneys. Leaving without an order allowing the move-away can cause serious problems and significant long-term consequences for your child and your custodial situation.

Before issuing or denying a move-away order, the courts consider many factors including, without limitation:

  • Is the purpose of the move to prevent the other parent from contact or having a relationship with the child?
  • Is the move going to be detrimental or beneficial to the child?
  • Have circumstances changed since making the current order for custody and visitation?
  • In joint physical custody situations, how much time has the child spent with each?

The court will inquire into these questions and others, and it is important that you are able to provide information and responses that are clear and appropriate. To do so, it is always advisable to have your case presented by an experienced attorney. MNB’s attorneys have helped many families with move-away orders: We can help you too!

Interstate (and Intrastate) Custody Disputes – Qualified Legal Representation For You and Your Child

When you and your child already live, or may begin living, in different counties or states, obtaining a custody orders may require significant negotiation (or renegotiation). For example, your child may need to spend entire summers and other school breaks with the one parent, while living in another county (depending on the distance), state, or country during the school year. This may be difficult to achieve if the other parent objects, if your child is very young, if your child is an older teenager with a job and active social life, or if travel is difficult for you or your child.

You may be a parent that currently has only visitation rights or limited physical custody in writing based on outdated circumstances and orders, while having more actual physical custody based on an agreement between you and the other parent. Or, maybe you are the parent whom in writing has more physical custody than the other parent but you have agreed to more time for the other parent and acted upon that agreement. These circumstances can sometimes lead to changed custody orders, especially in the context of Interstate Custody Disputes or attempts to create an Interstate Custody case through a move-away request. You may have compelling arguments to take over primary custody of your son or daughter, or you may need legal representation to help you from having your current custodial time and rights taken from you. No matter the motivation, the circumstances, or the obstacles faced by your family, the one thing necessary for these types of cases is knowledgeable legal counsel: The attorneys at MNB can help.

There is no such thing as a “standard” or “run of the mill” child custody dispute, and the career family law attorneys at MNB know and understand that. Each family has unique circumstances that can make issues involved in an interstate custody matter difficult to resolve and to deal with emotionally, which is where MNB’s years of experience comes in and benefits our clients.

Whether our clients wish to move a child out of state or wish to block the move of a child out of state, MNB is a highly qualified advocate for your needs. MNB’s Woodland Hills, California, family law attorneys respect the underlying principle of “best interests of the child,” while vigorously representing the interests of our clients.