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Estate Litigation & Probate Attorney

At MNB Law Group, Inc., our attorneys have over 35 years of combined litigation experience. That experience translates from family law, to business law, and to probate and estate litigation. The success of MNB’s probate attorneys in and out of the courtroom is a testament to the effort, commitment, and dedication they have to the practice of law and to our clients.

Our Woodland Hills estate litigation attorneys recognize that lawsuits over an estate (like lawsuits regarding children or marital assets) – regardless of size – are highly emotional matters involving family dynamics, clashing personalities, asset distribution issues, and many other factors.

Probate litigation typically arises when a person dies intestate or when a person contests a Will. However, the facts of the cases all differ and require attention to detail and, at times, creative analysis in application of the law to the facts to be successful. A detail-oriented approach with a focus on obtaining the client’s goals is needed in probate litigation cases, because much of probate is otherwise statutory (meaning it is heavily dependent and controlled by the written laws of California). Challenging the appointment of an administrator when there was no Will or effectively contesting a Will typically involve determining whether the proposed administrator is competent or challenging whether the testator (person making the Will) was of sound mind when creating the Will, or whether there was duress, undue influence, or fraud involved.

Most “probate” attorneys in California do not have any litigation experience. They typically handle only the filing of the form paperwork necessary to open a case, transfer property and assets, pay the debts of the estate, and notify beneficiaries, before they file the paperwork to close the estate once all assets have been distributed. Most probate attorneys have relatively little need to ever litigate any issue and when the issues come up, they seek litigation attorneys to help them, which can cost the client or the estate additional and increased attorney fees and costs.

The competency of a proposed administrator or a testator is fact-specific and ultimately based on what the court is convinced is the proper result in the action. Don’t leave your case to chance by hiring an attorney that does not have the litigation experience you need and deserve. The attorneys at MNB Law Group can handle your probate administration and litigation needs, without needing to bring in expensive outside counsel.

Our Woodland Hills based firm also represents clients in other probate and estate litigation matters, including:

  • Debt claims against the estate
  • Trustee’s breach of fiduciary duty
  • Trustee compensation disputes
  • Impartiality concerns and disputes
  • Disputes regarding inheritance
  • Trust violations by Trustees

MNB’s litigation success and experience, its knowledge of probate and trust administration, and its results-oriented not process-driven approach to each case can help protect what is most important to you and your family.