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For most parents, understanding their rights and responsibilities when it comes to child support is no easy task. At MNB Law Group, our Woodland Hills child support attorneys help our clients work out child support issues almost daily and we can help you.

Whether you are separating, dissolving your marriage, or simply no longer with your child’s other parent, child support is of paramount importance. Our experienced woodland hills child support lawyers will help you make sense of California’s child support guidelines and allowances, so that your child is receiving the appropriate support.

Calculating Guideline Child Support

In California, child support is payable until the child reaches 18 years of age, or if the child has not graduated from high school by that time, child support continues until high school graduation, or until age 19 (so long as the child is a full-time student living with a parent).

California bases its child support calculation on the net incomes of both parents and the amount of time a child spends in each parent’s physical custody. All income from all sources is factored into calculating the amount of child support. Income includes many things, such as perquisites (“perks”) from an employer, recurring gifts from family members or friends, payment of expenses by third parties, and much more.

At MNB, we have an abundance of experience on conducting financial analysis and taking other steps necessary to determine the income and cash flow of self-employed parents; we also know how to assist self-employed parents in making sure their income is accurately presented and represented to the Court.

Properly calculating a self-employed parent’s income is essential to obtaining fair child support orders for our clients and their children. This includes handling many cases involving entrepreneurs, consultants, entertainers, athletes, and others with income that can be challenging to pinpoint and project for the future. This also includes working with highly qualified investigators, forensic accountants, and other professionals (when needed), to make certain that our clients have all necessary information at their disposal to consider and to be presented to the court.

Even though the law requires full financial disclosure, disputes over actual income, legitimate and allowable expenses, and other financial circumstances are common in such cases. All family law matters involving a self-employed parent call for counsel from an attorney that is knowledgeable and resourceful, like the attorneys in the Woodland Hills offices of MNB. Let us protect you, your child, and your financial futures.

It is important that you present an accurate picture of your income and the other parent’s income to the court to have the appropriate representation in the courtroom to ensure that an appropriate and fair child support amount is ordered.

Childcare Expenses and other Add-Ons

Childcare expenses, uninsured medical costs, education and developmental costs for a child with special needs (and in some cases, costs for travel to and from visitation, monitored visits, etc.) are ordered as additional (or “add-on”) child support.

Typically, parents share equally the childcare expenses (incurred so the parent can work or go to school or training to obtain employment skills) and the amount ordered to be paid by the other parent to equalize the cost is considered additional child support. However, there are circumstances in which the Court can order one parent to bear a more significant portion of the childcare expenses and it is important to explore this potential possibility.

Both parents are required to provide medical insurance for minor children if the coverage is available at nominal cost or no cost at all, through their work or union affiliation. Parents usually share the medical expenses not covered by insurance, such as co-pays, equally between them, but again the Court can order one parent to be responsible for a more substantial portion of these and other expenses.

It is important to know your rights and responsibilities, as well as those of the other parent, and to have the appropriate representation in the courtroom to ensure that an appropriate and fair child support amount is ordered.

Enforcing Child Support and Arrears Orders

Although love, emotional support, and appreciation are free, raising a child is not. In order to provide your child with the skills and resources he or she deserves, financial responsibility is a necessary focal point for you as a parent.

MNB’s experienced family law attorneys help our clients obtain orders for the appropriate amount of child support and make sure the order is enforced. We also help our clients that are ordered to pay child support ensure that the payment terms are reasonable and within their means to continue to allow the client to maintain financially responsibility and stability in his or her own household.

We have been successful in obtaining wage garnishments, attachments of monies in bank accounts, enforcement through conjoint efforts with the Child Support Services Department, and in negotiating with the owing or receiving parent to make sure that the monies are received timely and consistently while allowing for both parents to be financially secure and responsible.

At MNB we understand the long-term well being of your child and your financial stability is at stake and that child support issues are of paramount concern to most parents. The guidance and counsel of an experienced Woodland Hills child support attorney is essential to the process; you will get that with MNB.