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If you want to change your name, the process can be confusing and frustrating. The court’s clerks are not helpful and unless you comply with all of the laws in California, the court can reject your request to change your name. There are many good reasons for a person to change their name: they have escaped an abusive relationship and do not want to be found, they do not feel connected to the name given to them by their parents, they have had gender reassignment surgery and desire to have a name that reflects and identifies with their gender.

The court process of getting a court order after filing a Petition for Change of Name can take up to 3 months and has many legal steps that must be followed including:

  • Properly filling out the court forms
  • Publishing the Request for Change of Name (if required – this is typically not required in cases involving domestic violence)
  • Going to the Court Hearing
  • Receiving your Decree Changing Name and taking that to Social Security, the DMV, etc.

At MNB Law Group, Inc., we understand the process is complex and confusing, but we also know that having at attorney do all of the work for you might be too expensive. For that reason, we offer Name Change Advisory Services.

We will review your paperwork, let you know what changes should be made, and explain what you need to do to properly complete the next steps in the process. We can also assist you with publishing the Request for Change of Name and making sure the Proof of Publication is successfully and timely provided to the court, as this can be the most difficult part of the process and is the most common reason a Name Change request is denied or delayed.

If you are changing your name to conform to your gender identity, or in other special situations, some of the steps are different for you, so our attorneys can make sure that you are aware of the differences and comply with the rule properly.

If you are changing the name of your child, there are even more rules and more stringent steps to follow and those steps differ based on whether you and the other parent are filing the request to change your child’s name together or not. If you are not filing the request jointly with the other parent, you want to ensure you have the best possible chance of success. The best option is to consult with experienced, knowledgeable legal counsel, like the Woodland Hills name change attorneys at MNB Law Group, to understand your rights, responsibilities, and the challenges you may come up against if the other parent objects to the name change.

MNB offers affordable, reasonable advisory services to help you through the Name Change process so that you can start living your life with the name you want, try to obtain the name you want for your child and that your child deserves to have, or both.