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Post-Judgment Modifications Attorney

The entry of a judgment in your family law case does not always mean the end of the road. The orders for child support and child custody are always modifiable, and unless you stipulated otherwise, so are the orders for spousal support. Additionally, if it is discovered that a party failed to disclose assets or intentionally misrepresented the value or ownership of assets, there may be grounds for a modification of the distribution of the marital assets. If the circumstances of your case or life have changed since your judgment was entered, the court will entertain a request for post-judgment modification. At MNB, we have handled countless post-judgment modification cases. Whether you are the party seeking the modification or opposing it, the attorneys at MNB will fight to protect the interests of you and your family.

Is My Case Right for a Post-Judgement Modification?

California’s courts grant modifications for many reasons so long as there is a change of circumstances warranting the modification. At MNB, we have handled cases where modifications were sought or granted based on the following:

  • Relocation request of a parent that is not in the child’s best interest;
  • Discovery of the failure by one party to disclose proceeds of the sale of assets obtained during marriage;
  • A change in the schedule of the minor child where the child is now living more with one parent than the other;
  • Changes in income of one or both parties affecting the ability to pay, or the need to receive, support;
  • Increase in a minor child’s medical care or education needs;
  • A spouse was cohabitating with a new significant other whom was paying that spouse’s expenses despite the spouse still receiving spousal support;
  • Domestic Violence committed by one parent against the other;
  • Failure of one party to agree upon the division of personal property assets despite an agreement that both parties would cooperate in obtaining the division and delivery of the assets based on the agreement they were to reach; and
  • Countless other reasons that affected either the support obligations (new employment, implementation of a bonus plan, loss of an income stream, etc.) or custodial timeshare (new child born to one parent, loss of childcare, extracurricular activities participation change, etc.) previously ordered.

The dedicated attorneys of MNB Law Group have over 35 combined years of experience representing parents in courts throughout Southern California in their post-Judgment Modification matters. MNB’s attorneys will you understand all of the options available to you and discuss how one or more modifications of your orders will affect your personal, parental, and financial security.

Once you have made the decision as to how you want to proceed, MNB will craft the arguments and prepare your case for presentation to the court in the way that best supports your position. We understand that just the thought of being back in court or re-litigating issues can be daunting; however, you should never allow your security or the best interests of your child or family be conquered by fear.

The attorneys at MNB work diligently to minimize the costs of the post-judgment modification in your case while still maximizing the protections you and your family deserve and need.