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Most people picture battles in court, arguing, and angry parties when thinking about litigation, whether it be divorce, child custody, business disputes, or probate disputes. It does not have to be that way for you.

If you are willing to openly discuss issues with the other party (or parties), mediation is a potential option.

The benefit of mediation is that it creates a direct and safe environment for parties to discuss and work out the case issues amicably. Mediation also allows for parties to make settlement offers that are creative and outside-the-box in an attempt to reach a resolution structured to meet the needs and goals of the parties. With the help of a mediator, parties (and their attorneys if they have them) are encouraged to make concessions and to compromise regarding important case issues, allowing for the creation of effective and successful solutions.

At MNB, our attorneys have acted both as party attorneys in the mediation process and separately as mediators, and we are available to do either for your case (though we cannot do both in the same case).

Our Attorneys Act as Party Representatives

When acting as party representatives, MNB’s attorneys work with the client to explain the mediation process, create potential settlement offers, and advocate to the mediator what the client’s position is and what will get the case resolved. Mediators are not a party’s representative and therefore they cannot favor one side over the other. That is why it is important to have an attorney represent you at a mediation, and at the very least you should have any proposed settlement reached at mediation reviewed by independent counsel to ensure you understand the terms and are getting what you think you are getting.

The issues that need to be settled in any case, whether divorce, child custody, or a business dispute, can be complicated. A mediator is seeking agreement, but the decision must be agreeable to both parties not only at the time of agreement, but into the future as well. Our Woodland Hills mediation attorneys have helped parties undo mishandled mediations, set aside or modify unbeneficial, coerced, and fraudulent agreements, and have been retained to step into mediations prior to finalizing agreements because the terms are inequitable to our client (which the client only realized after having us review the agreement prior to signing it). To be certain of a fair settlement, each party in a divorce should be advised by an attorney responsible only to them.

Our Attorneys Act as Mediators

When acting as mediators, MNB’s attorneys are able to adapt to the parties’ needs, to think creatively and realistically about the parties’ goals and resources to accomplish those goals, and work tirelessly to do whatever is necessary to help ensure a smooth resolution to the case. Our Woodland Hills mediation attorneys are available to act as mediators in Family Law, Business Law, and Estate and Probate Law cases.

If you and the other party are interested in mediation, both of you should contact MNB together so that we can mediate and help settle your case. If you do not let us know you want us to mediate when you contact MNB, we may not be able to do so as it may create a conflict of interest. So, please let us know if you are considering having one of MNB’s experienced and dedicated attorneys act as your mediator.

Whether you want representation in mediation or are seeking a mediator for a family law, business law, or estate/probate law case or issue, MNB can provide you with professional, experienced, affordable assistance.

The Advantages of Mediation

There are many advantages to attempting to resolve a case through mediation prior to litigating the matter in court, including:

  • Mediation allows for the creation of solutions where each party involved can obtain a sense of success.
  • Mediation allows parties to be creative with the terms of resolution, such as distributing settlement payments or dividing property to allow for the most tax benefits or to ensure the paying party can meet the payment obligations.
  • Mediation is much more cost-effective for all involved as cases are typically resolved in a day or two, rather than spending days, weeks, or months in the courtroom presenting the case at trial.
  • The parties control the outcome, rather than leaving important decisions to a judge or jury, which is always a roll of the dice
  • Often parties can resolve issues faster through mediation than in court, whether resolving all issues globally or single issues within the case.
  • Mediation is less intrusive and easier on the parties, their families, their employers, their businesses, and their wallets.
  • Mediation is akin to having your own private judge or jury, whom helps both parties recognize the strengths and weaknesses of the case.

People choose to mediate their cases for a variety of reasons. For instance, divorce and family law mediation is typically less expensive than litigation. In addition, mediation resolves business and estate/probate disputes much faster than going to trial. Moreover, parties to cases are typically able to communicate better during and after the resolution of their case, especially in family law cases. Parties can mediate their cases with or without an attorney representing them, but we do recommend that parties have attorneys either present at the mediation or with whom they can consult either during the mediation or regarding any agreement reached through mediation.

Located in Woodland Hills and serving the people throughout the San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles County, San Gabriel Valley, Ventura County, and the rest of Southern California, MNB Law Group provides mediation services for individuals (with or without attorneys) in family law, business law, and estate/probate law matters.

Our attorneys have a reputation for fairness, impartiality, and creative thinking that helps them craft solutions that the parties and their attorneys might not have considered. Our attorneys autonomy allows them to mediate cases on their merits and without influence from outside sources. In addition, our attorneys have no bias or prejudice against anyone, having represented gay, lesbian, and straight clients, and members from all races and religions throughout their years of practice.

If your case needs a fair, impartial, creative mediator who has an excellent understanding of family law, business law, or estate/probate issues, MNB has the mediation attorneys you need.