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Guidance For All Of Your Family Law Concerns

Founded in 2013, MNB Law Group, Inc., offers clients both compassionate support and individualized counsel for a variety of family law concerns. Our family attorneys have decades of larger firm experience while offering clients the personal, one-on-one service common with small law firms. Our dedication to the needs of our clients and commitment to positive results on their behalf sets our team apart as one of the most respected firms in the San Fernando Valley.

We understand that family law cases are often contentious and emotionally charged. We provide the personal attention and compassionate support you need during this difficult time while tenaciously advocating for your interests. Our family lawyers work for results that make sense — setting you up for success in the future and protecting your personal rights.

Practical Counsel For Complex Legal Concerns

Each family law case is unique, which is why we strive to develop a strategy for your case that suits your needs and objectives for your family. We work directly with clients to help them understand their options and get a clear picture of their desired resolution. Clients can rely on both our experience and knowledge of California family law to help them address concerns related to the following:

  • We take cases pertaining to the dissolution of marriage, divorce proceedings and all matters related to the process of extricating two lives. This includes financial support, marital property disputes and more.
  • Our team helps parents address issues related to visitation, parental rights, custody plans and much more.
  • We can help secure your personal safety through domestic violence restraining orders and other protections necessary for your well-being and peace of mind.
  • Our family lawyers help clients avoid potential conflicts in the future by drafting premarital agreements that outline property division in case of a divorce and other matters.

Whether it is in settlement negotiations or in the courtroom, we will protect your interests above all else, from start to finish.

Discover Your Legal Options Today

Contact our Woodland Hills office today at 818-344-9200 or email us to schedule an initial consultation of your case. We are happy to answer your family law questions and explain your legal options.