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At the MNB Law Group, Inc., we strive for solutions that make the most sense for our California clients and their individual needs. Our attorneys take a personal approach with each case, tailoring our services to address your concerns and help you meet your objectives. Every family law case is different, which is why we work directly with clients to understand the nature of the individual situation and develop a strategy that allows us to pursue strong and sustainable futures.

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From the very first moments we work together, you will get the opportunity to talk directly with the attorneys who will be the ones handling your case. You have a chance to discuss what is really happening and ask questions about how the law applies to your specific situation.

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Founded in 2013, MNB Law Group, Inc., offers clients both compassionate support and individualized...

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Divorce is a complex process, and the ultimate goal is to secure terms that allow you to have a strong...

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As a parent, you may have significant concerns about how the end of your marriage will impact your kids...

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At MNB Law Group, Inc., we understand that people do not like to envision their own death...

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Most people picture battles in court, arguing, and angry parties when thinking about litigation...

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Your safety and identity are at constant risk, especially when all someone has to do to find...

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Established in 2013, MNB Law Group, Inc. represents individuals and families in intricate and complicated...

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