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Shielding Your Personal Safety And Peace Of Mind

Not all relationships end well, and not every home is a safe harbor for those who live there. The attorneys at MNB Law Group, Inc., take issues related to domestic violence very seriously. We help San Fernando Valley and Los Angeles County-area clients secure the physical protection they need and the peace of mind they deserve through domestic violence restraining orders. If you experienced harm or are under threat of harm, we can help.

When handling cases involving domestic violence and restraining orders, our goal is to seek an outcome that is in the best interests of you and your family. Whether it is getting the appropriate protections you need or assisting you with the process of ending a marital relationship that is bringing you harm, our team is on your side. We will carefully evaluate your situation and pursue an outcome that will provide both immediate and long-term security.

Should You Seek A Protective Order?

Getting a restraining order or other type of protective order in California is not easy. If you are experiencing physical, emotional or verbal abuse, you could have grounds to seek a restraining order. We know how to present a strong case to the court, clearly communicating the nature of your circumstances, the impact the abuse has had on your life and the necessity of the order. Our domestic violence lawyers understand the sensitive nature of these cases, which is why we will take quick action to handle these matters in a professional and prompt manner.

What If You Are Subject To An Unfair Restraining Order?

Our Woodland Hills domestic violence attorneys also defend people against unfair and unfounded restraining orders. We can help you fight back against false accusations of domestic violence, protecting against potential repercussions that can include:

  • Jail time
  • Loss of custody or visitation
  • Termination of employment
  • Loss of reputation

No matter what you are facing, we will fight for justice and the full protection of your rights.

Do Not Navigate Domestic Violence Matters On Your Own

You do not have to walk through your domestic violence situation on your own. Whether you need protection or are subject to unfair accusations, we can help. Contact our Woodland Hills office at 818-344-9200 or email us for an appointment for an initial consult.