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Your safety and identity are at constant risk, especially when all someone has to do to find you is search the County records to find your name attached to the purchase of your home or other real property. At MNB, we can help you protect your privacy and keep your California assets confidential by establishing Land Title Trusts for your benefit, working with financial institutions to allow the Land Trust to be the named buyer and obligor on the loan being taken to purchase the property (if any), and by acting as your Trustee for all matters relating to the Land Trust.

In California, Land Title Trusts (also called “Land Trusts”) rely on general trust law pursuant to California’s Probate Code. These trusts allow individuals to own real property with the comfort and protection of their identity remaining confidential. Land Title Trusts offer real property buyers the anonymity they may desire to keep creditors, annoying or unfriendly family members, stalkers, fans, media, etc. from knowing what assets they have, with whom they are partners or have business relationships, and where they or their loved ones live.

MNB has been researching, studying, and establishing California Land Title Trusts for years and tailors each Land Title Trust specifically to the needs and desires of the client. Our attorneys work with the client, escrow company, financial advisors, lenders, independent Trustees, and brokers, to ensure that the client’s identity is protected to the greatest extent possible.

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In conjunction with our Business Formation services, we can also assist you in setting up an Limited Liability Company (LLC) to be the named beneficiary of the Land Title Trust, which offers an additional layer of protection for your assets as it can deter frivolous lawsuits, make discovering the true nature of your asset holdings that much more difficult for creditors, personal injury attorneys, or persons who may seek financial gain through means of extortion or blackmail, and can help minimize (or even avoid) gift tax and probate issues.

There are many advantages to setting up a Land Title Trust especially when combined with an LLC to take ownership of the beneficiary interest. It is always best to seek experienced legal counsel.

MNB’s attorneys have the experience and knowledge to make this process as easy as possible and are ready to assist you throughout the process. Our Woodland Hills land title trust attorneys will help you understand the options you have and once your Land Title Trust is established can act as the Trustee on your behalf so that you have the confidence that your assets are protected by both your established Land Title Trust and the lawyer-client relationship.

MNB is proud to offer Land Title Trust services as a compliment to the Estate Planning and Business Law services offered to its current and future clients. Additionally, we have strong relationships with asset protection professionals whom work with MNB and our clients to prepare custom asset protection strategies and plans, while maintaining the levels of privacy desired.