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At MNB Law Group, Inc., we understand that people do not like to envision their own death or the death of a loved one. It is difficult for us to accept our own mortality and for many of us the idea of planning for the event of our death somehow means we are saying we are ready to die. Of course, this is not the case.

Planning and documenting one’s wishes for a time when they may become incapacitated or die is not only the smart thing to do, since we never know what may happen to us on any given day, but it is the responsible step to take for both yourself and your loved ones. It is imperative to your own well being to plan who will make decisions about your medical care and who will handle your financial affairs should you not have the capacity to make those decisions for yourself.

It is equally important to name who you wish to be the guardian of any minor children you may have and to make sure that should a guardianship be necessary for your child, that you have made the nomination to prevent unwanted third parties from trying to take control of your children’s personal and financial lives.

Many of us also have our trusted animal companions whom we may wish to protect, which can be done with a Pet Trust.

Failing to plan will leave your assets and care to the mercy of the California court system and a judge who does not know you or what is best for you.

MNB’s Estate Planning Services are Ready to Be Put to Work for You

MNB’s Estate Planning attorneys can help you create an Estate Plan that gives you the peace of mind your property will be given to the intended recipients with benefits of reducing taxation and leaving you in control of everything you have worked to obtain. You can go about your daily life knowing that in the event of unexpected incapacity or your death, you have documented who you would like to manage your estate and how you would like it managed.

MNB has an array of estate planning options available to discuss with you, including:

Click the links above to learn more about each potential component of your Estate Plan.

At MNB, we recommend that anyone over the age of 18 have an Estate Plan that includes at least an Advance Financial Directive (also referred to as a “Durable Power of Attorney” or “Financial Power of Attorney”), an Advance Health Care Directive, and a Will. Anyone with an estate with significant value (i.e., $100,000.00 or more), or having any real estate should also consider setting up a Living Trust. Living Trusts help avoid costly and time-consuming probate proceedings and allow day-to-day operations to continue smoothly.

Your Estate Plan can, and should, be updated as circumstances change, and MNB’s Estate Planning attorneys in Woodland Hills can help you make those changes.

It is always recommended that an experienced Estate Planning attorney draft any of your estate planning documents, whether you are creating a new Estate Plan or revising an existing one. A Will that is not properly drafted can be contested by other possible heirs in court and result in your wishes not being honored. All too often those relatives a person did not want to inherit anything end up receiving a good percentage of the estate because the person failed to plan or did not plan properly.

If you want to make sure your wishes are legally and properly documented, it is best to seek the advice of an attorney experienced in Estate Planning in California. MNB’s attorneys have the knowledge and experience to advise you if a Will alone is sufficient to secure your property and final wishes, or if your estate and your intended beneficiaries would be better protected using a Trust or other Estate Planning protection.

Once our Woodland Hills estate planning lawyers have reviewed the best strategies for your Estate Plan and the fees for our preparation of the same, we will structure a comprehensive Estate Plan custom-tailored specifically to protect your assets and allow you to stay in control of your life, your money and property, and the future of your family.